Busy weekend of weddings! Aug 5th, 6th, and 7th!

6 Weddings this weekend!

First wedding was friday josh and i tag teamed this one he did dinner and special events, and games and i did the dance part

DJ zane had his own on friday as well but i supply all sound/lighting.

Second wedding was sat morning from 11am till 2pm These people were a good bunch its not easy getting people pumped up to dance in the middle of the day time but i got them out there ! The photo booth helped alot out on this one and getting people’s energy up.

third wedding was on sat also and Zane setup for me so i could get there and take over. Grea bunch also Middle aged played alot of 70s,80s, and a little 90s this reception went on for 7 hours! long one!!! YAY!

Fourth wedding, Josh was doing that one lasted around 6 hours they had a guitarist play through dinner while we hooked him up with mics so he could be heard better and good sound. The bride and groom was a younger couple so alot of top 40 but she had a huge playlist of stuff and a great one at that!

Last wedding of the weekend was a very very small wedding matter a fact the smallest i have done. Only about 20 people there but at the beginning of dinner i got on the mic and said well guy i know we are not a huge group but we will have a blast tonight i promise! They stayed the entire lengh of the venue rental till 11 around 5 hour wedding that is really great for only 20 people! All and all a great weekend.
Well til next time see you guys later! Dj WIll

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