Our Dance Floor...

We have recently added a dance floor to our services! We have any custom size dance floor. Here are some photos of our dance floor !

Why rent a dance floor? A dance floor is a great way to direct guests where to dance or add as a center pierce of where the dancing will be. We have "arctic white floor" to separate us from

the traditional wood dance floor witch looks outstanding under dance lights and adds spice to a event for more formal look to your event!


Q: Will the dance floor work on a outside field or yard?

A: Yes. Please mow the grass as short as you can but we ALWAYS bring sub flooring to keep the dance floor intact and sturdy.


Q: Will you set it up for me. Take it down. And keep it clean because its white?

A: Yes. We set it up, tear it down, & keep it clean! We typically have our photo booth attendant do ALL dance floor duties.


Q: How much for a 18x18 vs 9x9?

A: 18x18 is about $500.00 vs 9x9 is about $300.00. It really depends on what package you get the higher package the cheaper is gets.

for example Dj/Photo booth/ Dance floor Package is $1,400. You save around $300.00 total with PB and DF.



9x9  About 10 Dancers / 50 guests

12x12 About 25 Dancers / 100 guests

15x15 About 60 Dancers / 175 guests

18x18 About 100 Dancers / 250 guests


Excuse the weird audio you tube made me turn mine off copyright lol!
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